Flightless Fruit Flies

Flightless Fruit flies are an easily cultured prey item for reptiles and amphibians that need smaller foods. Drosophila melanogaster is a smaller, faster reproducing species, taking about 14 days to complete its life cycle. Drosophila hydei is a larger species which takes longer to mature, taking about 21 days to complete its life cycle. These larger flies are about 1/8" long, and great for mantids or newly hatched chameleons.

Flightless Fruit Fly Care

Timberline fruit flies can be stored in the plastic tubes they’re shipped in. Simply remove the plastic cap to improve air flow into the vial. You can then remove the foam plugs when you want to dispense flies. Flies should be kept at or near room temperature. Although the temperature is not critical, cool temperatures will slow fly production and warm temperatures will result in bacteria and mold growth in the medium. Keep at least half of the flies in the vial for reproduction purposes for several days after you receive them. In most cases, several generations of flies will be produced over the five to six weeks that the medium will last. At room temperature, Drosophila melanogaster will complete a life cycle in 12 to 15 days. It takes about 25 days for Hydei sturdivant.

Fruit Fly Nutritional Analysis*
Protein 19.7% (min)
Fat 13.8% (min)
Fiber 3.4% (max)
Moisture 59.6% (max)

Analysis done by independent laboratories