Growth is our specialty.

As the number of households with reptiles, amphibians and exotic animal pets increases, your inventory should too. Live food customers are some of the most frequent shoppers in the pet market – with an average return within 7-10 days. It’s no secret that increased traffic increases sales – Often time reptile lovers also have other pets at home - giving your store added traffic and sales in other categories. Carrying live food is one great way to help customers nurture their pets, and it’s an easy way to ensure they keep returning again and again.

At Timberline, we partner with you help educate your staff and customers about live food and reptile care. We can help you build a strategic merchandising approach to keep live food fresh and bring repeat traffic to your store.

Give them live food for life.

If reptiles and amphibians could order their meals from a menu, they'd choose live food every time! But by encouraging your customers to choose live food, you’re doing more than giving their pets what they crave. You’re also giving reptiles the wholesome nutrition that completes their diet – just like it would in the wild.

Our live pet foods are naturally healthy, raised in state-of-the-art facilities and subjected to vigorous research and quality testing. Crickets are a great staple food, but our wide assortment of worms and flies give pet the diverse diet that it wants and needs. From bulk crickets and worms, to cupped worms and pre-packaged crickets – we offer a wide range of products and package sizes that can fulfill your store's needs.

A solution for every kind of appetite

When you order Timberline feeder insects and worms online, we guarantee your order will arrive alive, fast and as fresh as possible. If some circumstance causes your order to arrive in imperfect condition, we promise to provide replacement options. We also include extreme overcounts to give your pet more living, fresh food with every order.

Timberline Advantages

We do what it takes to guarantee your store has plenty of fresh, live food.

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Small items can bring big profits.

It's worth the effort to give reptile/small animal products and live foods space and attention in your store. At Timberline, we provide marketing and educational material to make the products a success. Check out our “Who Eats What” chart to help both employees and customers select the best live foods.

In addition, we've revolutionized feeder care with products and information that make it easy to keep crickets thriving in your store. We have a full line of feeder care products, including a cricket display case to enhance sales and life span. Our goal is to provide the information and support materials that will help you maximize your profits. As the industry continues to change and grow, we’ll continue to grow with it – and we’ll help you do the same.

Store Use

You care for them. We’ll care for you.

If your pet store sells reptiles and amphibians, you have a lot of mouths to feed! We’ll take care of you so that you can take care of them.

Our Store Use Program gives pet stores free live food when they set up a recurring standing order. The program helps you manage costs and responsibilities, while providing the best care for your pets. Better yet, you’ll inspire your customers to make the natural choice!

By enrolling in the Store Use Program, you get 500 FREE crickets or 1,000 FREE mealworms each week with a recurring order of at least 3,000 crickets per week. To get started, call a Timberline customer service representative at 800-423-2248.

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