Their life is
your hobby.

At Timberline, we know you’re all about your pets. Whether you have a chameleon, hermit crab, bearded dragon, sugar glider, gecko or something even more rare, you work hard to keep them happy and healthy. That’s why we help you nurture them with the highest quality supplies and the freshest, most nutritious live foods. By feeding them live food that is nutritionally similar to what they’d eat in the wild, you’re giving them the best quality of life – and building a bond with every feeding.

Give them live
food for life.

If your pets could order their meals from a menu, they'd choose live food every time! Most reptiles, amphibians and arachnids like their meals served still moving. Because chasing prey is a natural instinct for them, nothing gets their appetites revved up like hunting down a tasty cricket, worm or fly. For them, eating live food is both exercise and entertainment.

But when you choose live food, you’re doing more than giving pets what they crave. You’re also giving them the wholesome nutrition that completes their diet – just like it would in the wild. With every feeding, live food lets you bond with your pet in way that you won’t experience otherwise.

Our live pet foods are naturally healthy, raised in state-of-the-art facilities and subjected to vigorous research and quality testing. Crickets are a great staple food, but our wide assortment of worms and flies give your pet the diverse diet that it wants and needs.

Find food that
fits your needs.

When you order Timberline feeder insects and worms online, we guarantee your order will arrive alive, fast and as fresh as possible. If some circumstance causes your order to arrive in imperfect condition, we promise to provide replacement options. We also include extreme overcounts to give your pet more living, fresh food with every order.

Look for our Reptile Lunch Box, cupped worms, crickets and other live food products at your local pet store. We also offer quantity discounts or breeders or hobbyists with many pets. To learn more about fulfilling your feeder insect needs through Timberline, contact one of our Feederologists.

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Our Sales Staff is trained to help you with your feeding questions. We pride ourselves on providing information you need. For more live food ideas, check out our “Who Eats What” chart!

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