Galleria mellonella

For a tempting, tasty treat, there’s nothing like a soft, juicy waxworm. These soft-bodied grubs top off a diverse diet like nothing else. Try these little grubs today, they’re available in a wide array of quantities.

Waxworms are a creamy white colored larvae of the greater bee moth, they are easy to digest and loved by many fish and pets. We offer Waxworms in many bulk and cupped quantities so you can always keep them on hand!

Waxworm Nutrititional Analysis*
Protein 15.8% (min)
Fat 20.4% (min)
Fiber 7.6% (max)
Moisture 62.6% (max)

*Analysis done by independent laboratories

Cupped Waxworm Quantities

250 ct. cup

50 ct. cup

Bulk Waxworm Quantities

500 per box

1,000 per box