Tenebrio molitor

What do wild birds, trout, reptiles and amphibians all have in common? They all enjoy mealworms!

Yes, this protein-packed little worm, available in five sizes from Timberline, is not only a great live food for pets and birds, but it’s also wonderful live bait for panfish. Try Giant Mealworms for your larger reptiles. Giants also make an irresistible live bait (and when you’re fishing, they’re easier to get on the hook). Timberline Mealworms are available in bulk and cupped quantities. For a complete listing of quantities, please contact a customer service  representative. Order a few or a bunch! You can’t go wrong with mealworms.

Mealworm Nutritional Analysis
Protein 20.0% (min)
Fat 14.3% (min)
Fiber 1.8% (min)
Moisture 61.4% (min)

Analysis done by independent laboratories