Bait Worms

Sure, some folks go fishing with a tackle box full of lures, jigs, and spinner baits, but nothing makes fish bite like a big, juicy worm – the lifelike action is built right in!


The most popular worm to use when angling for fish, these lively, hardy worms are also a great favorite with turtles. Nightcrawlers are available in cupped and bulk quantities. Please contact a customer service representative to help you select the right quantity.

Nightcrawler Quantities

12 ct. per box
Bulk Flat (approx. 480 worms)

250 ct. cup


Red Wrigglers

Red Wigglers are a great worm when angling for freshwater fish, but if you’ve got a hungry turtle or amphibian, they’re a wonderful live food choice.

8 oz. cup 45-55 worms