Superworms are the black and brown worm larvae of the darkling beetle.  Native to tropical Central and South America they are a very popular food item for reptiles.  With less chitin (exoskeleton) than the common mealworms, Superworms are easier for animals to digest.  Superworms are available in 3 sizes from Timberline.

Superworm Care

Superworms are tropical insects that require warmer temperatures than standard/giant mealworms.

Superworms’ ideal temperature range is 70°- 80° F. Cupped superworms can be stored in the cups for up to two weeks. Bulk superworms will be shipped in a box with egg crate. Store your superworms in a plastic container between two layers of mealworm bedding (2" on bottom and 1/2"on top). Good container guidelines for a superworm container include dimensions about twice that of a shoebox, at least six inches tall, without a lid, and of sturdy plastic construction. (Small cat pans usually work well.) Add a small amount of Easy Water every other day to provide moisture for the worms. Depending on the quantity of superworms, fresh bedding should be added every week to two weeks to maintain the 2 1/2" layers.

Plan on completely replacing the bedding every three to four weeks.