Hermeia illucens

Although not intended to feed as a sole ration, CalciWorms are premium feeder insects that are naturally high in calcium. Very similar to waxworms in texture, the naturally high calcium level in CalciWorms reduces the dependency on gut loading and dusting other food sources. Vita-Bugs®, when paired with CalciWorms, are a complete vitamin and mineral source for insect eating pets!

Available in both bulk quantities and a 25 count cup, CalciWorms can be kept in a refrigerator between 45-55 degrees. CalciWorms do not require food or water, and if kept in the right conditions, CalciWorms will stay hearty for weeks. Along with their obvious increased calcium to phosphorus level (Ca:P), CalciWorms are also a very nutritious, low fat, feeder insect to supplement an insect-eater’s diet. This is important to help decrease the threat of animal obesity.

Calciworm Nutritional Analysis*
Protein 19.8% (min)
Fat 8.4% (min)
Fiber 3.20% (max)
Moisture 62.2%  
Calcium 1.14%  
Phosphorus 0.35%  
Ca:P 3.28  

*Analysis done by independent laboratories