Zophobas morio

Superworms are super active. This makes them irresistible to reptiles and fish. Twice the size of a giant mealworm, these worms have a soft body that is easy for pets to digest.

We offer Superworms in three sizes – small, medium and large. Superworms can be purchased in  bulk and cupped quantities so you can always keep them on hand.

Cupped Superworm Quantities

Large 25 ct.
Large 100 ct.
Medium 70 ct.
Small 100 ct.

Large 50 ct.
Medium 35 ct.
Small 50 ct.

Bulk Superworm Quantities

500 per box

1,000 per box

Option only available in Vita-Bug nutrition

Superworm Nutritional Analysis
Protein 20.0% (min)
Fat 14.3% (min)
Fiber 1.8% (max)
Moisture 61.4% (max)

*Analysis done by independent laboratories